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10 homemade solution to relieve constipation

Constipation in babies is not unusual. It can happen at any age including babies who have not started solid foods yet. So, how do you know that your baby is constipating?

First, it the number of poop diaper changes in a week.  If your baby has passed stool less than three times in a week, they could be constipating. Secondly, it’s the frowning face and at times some sound that they produce when pooping. This is a clear indication that the baby is straining to pass out stool! The baby may become fussy and the belly feels a little harder than usual. The baby may also eat less than usual. Of course they don’t have space to accommodate more. You may also find stool in the diaper or the poop is too hard is also sign of constipation.

So, what causes constipation?

  1. Formula Milk-If the baby is using formula milk, it could be one of the reason why your baby is constipating. You may consider trying a different variety.
  2. Introduction to solid food-This is very common after six months after solid food introduction. The baby’s digestive system is still developing so it’s very important to introduce solid foods gradually (three days rule). Different foods react differently in babies. When you notice that a specific food is causing constipation, change the method of preparation or don’t give it for a while.
  3. Low water intake. Most babies don’t like water. Its tasteless! Flavorless! Colorless! Not exciting to them hence refuse to drink water.
  4. Animal proteins– Your body digestive system may not be strong enough to digest animal proteins like cow milk. give plant proteins first.
  5. Medication- some medicines can trigger constipation.

Most moms rush to their pediatrician for solutions. I always prefer to try out home remedies first before proceeding to the doctor. Mostly because the home remedies are natural and you can easily monitor what works for your baby. Here are some home-made that you can try:

  1. Pumkins-This is my favorite. Pumkins are very nutritious. They are an excellent source of fiber and has high water content that will help keep constipation at bay. I ensure that I give my baby pumkins at least twice a week. It has worked magic
  2. Water- Yes, they don’t like it but just give it. I add glucose at times to flavor or use coloured cups to make it exciting. Give water in between meals. Like one hour before meals. Ensure that the food enough water content too.
  3. Pawpaw- I love this one. A PAWPAW A DAY…KEEPS CONSTIPATION AT BAY. Paw paw is natural laxative. Has high fiber and water content. Just remove the seed, mash and give your baby. She will poop before you know it.
  4. Tomato Juice. Deep a clean tomato in hot water. Remove the outer skin and then blend. Alternatively, Cut tomato into two pieces. Boil it in 1 cup of water. When completely cooked, filter out the seeds and give the baby 5 spoons of this juice. You can give this for a few days until the bowel movement normalizes.
  5. Spinach- Spinach is high in fiber and help in loosening baby’s stool. Spinach should be part of daily diet
  6. Belly massage– Just lay her on her back. With the palm of your hand near the top of baby’s rib cage, bring your hand down in a sweeping motion, gently pressing his tummy. Another way of doing it is by placing your fingertips over baby’s belly button area and massage gently and slowly in a clock-wise, circular motion. This will remove excess pressure and gas causing colic. It will facilitate bowel movement too.
  7. Bicycle exercises– Just lay your baby on her back. Hold her legs at the lower chin near the ankle. Rotate her chunky little legs in a bicycle-pedaling motion (elbow to knee). They love it. You just could get some poop in the diaper after the exercise.
  8. Tummy time- Just lay you baby on a soft surface on her belly. You can also lay her on your laps. There is no harm in massaging her back while on this position. Change the position when the baby seems uncomfortable. The baby will fart releasing out excess air in her digestive track.
  9. Anus lubrication-you must have heard of the soap tale that is applied in the baby’s anus to help ease constipation. I would not advise you to do this. Instead, use water based lubricant. The lubricant helps your baby get rid of discomfort when passing hard and dry stool. Do this after every diaper change.
  10. Pear/ orange juice- You can extract the pear juice at home by simply grating and pressing it. Dilute it with water. You can also use orange juice to relieve constipation.
  11. Honey and Lemon- Mix few drops of honey & lemon juice in warm water and offer to drink in empty stomach.

I hope this was of great help to you. How do you relieve constipation in your baby? Do you like it, Share It! Don’t forget to like the face book page below for more such great stuff.  

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