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How to manage Colic in infants

Colic ni saitan! (Kenyan moms proverb). If you are mom, and you didn’t experience colicky nights………..well……… are one in a billion. Congratulation!!!!!! Some of us have had to learn the hard way on how to curb colic in our babies.

First of all, what causes colic?

You bring your newborn home from hospital……….YEEEEEEEE……….you made it through pregnancy….dreaded labour pains….home sweet home…FINALLY!!!! Now you can just focus on seeing your little munchy grow up daily. The first weeks are fun coz all they do is eat, sleep and poop. You are there cursing everyone who misadvised you on colic. Motherhood is not that hard….you tell yourself. Until one day your dormant volcano (baby) erupts. This magma is superhot…….she turn red literally!!!!!!!! She explodes in ear-shattering wails complete with clenched fists, flailing legs. Your sweet oozy (breast) not consoling anymore. You suddenly become Rihanna and start dropping lines like crazy to try and sooth this baby yet she won’t hear a thing of it. She repeats these heartbreaking, stressful episodes every night at the same time for what seems like forever. Welcome to the world of colic!!! Not a good place but am here to journey with you and help you overcome. Because you will cry along with the baby too (sometimes).

So what is colic? There is no scientific cause or cure for colic. It’s not a disease and hence no cure. All babies cry. Even if the mother is Kate Middleton. But how do you distinguish between normal crying and colic. For colic, the baby starts crying allover sudden for no apparent reason. You have changed diapers, fully fed the baby, removed excess clothes to make her relaxed and comfortable sometimes even given a warm bath but nothing seems to work.  This fussy period last for close to three hours non-stop, for more than three days in a week and for like three weeks in a row. That’s a lot of crying!!!!!Your hair will stand be saying Haleluya!! I know how frustrating this can get. In the meantime, a little knowledge and a lot of patience will help you survive until the storm subsides.

So what causes colic?

  • Gas-Babies naturally swallow a lot of air especially when breastfeeding. For exclusively breastfed babies (which mostly the case coz they are under six months) could be in the mothers diet. If you the mother is gassy… is the baby.
  • Developing digestive system-Your baby is still growing. So is the digestive system.
  • Hormonal imbalance making the baby moody and fussy.
  • Still developing nervous system

So what do you do when your baby is colicky!!!! Here are some few tips that will help you deal with Colic:

  1. Burp the baby after every feed to get out excess gas-How do you burp? It’s very simple. Put a cloth over your shoulder (and even down your back) to protect your clothes from spit-up (just in case they happen).Hold your baby against your chest so her chin is resting on your shoulder. Support her with one hand and gently pat or rub her back with the other. After some time she will make a belching sound. That’s when you know that excess gas is out.
  2. Bicycle exercises- Just lay your baby on her back. Hold her legs at the lower chin near the ankle. Rotate her chunky little legs in a bicycle-pedaling motion (elbow to knee). They love it. Your proof of success if farting.
  3. Tummy time- Just lay you baby on a soft surface on her belly. You can also lay her on your laps. There is no harm in massaging her back while on this position. Change the position when the baby seems uncomfortable.  The baby will fart releasing out excess air in her digestive track.
  4. Massage her Belly- Just lay her on her back. With the palm of your hand near the top of baby’s rib cage, bring your hand down in a sweeping motion, gently pressing his tummy.Another way of doing it is by placing your fingertips over baby’s belly button area and massage gently and slowly in a clock-wise, circular motion. This will remove excess pressure and gas causing colic.
  5. Anti-Colic syrups-If you have tried all the above and nothing seems to work, just try and give anti-colic syrup. There many varieties in the market such as Infacaol, Bonisan, Gripe water. Consult your pharmacist.
  6. Watch your diet- Whatever you eat is what the baby eats. Monitor the foods that cause you gas because your baby will be gassy too. Drinking plenty of water will be of great help.

I hope this is helpful and will make your life easier and better. Feel free to share this to help a distressed mom. Don’t forget to like and follow all our social media platforms: Facebook, twitter, Instagram to be the below. See you soon. Thanks for passing by.

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