Children In Cities

If a city is great for a 3 year old, it’s great for everyone! Children constitute a third of the current urban population. By 2050, 70% of world children will live in cities. We advocate and design child-friendly cities to ensure that children grow, learn and thrive in cities.
children in cities

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In the words of Gil Penalosa, “A great cities is where people sleep at home and live outside.” This is a very simple definition of how great cities ought to be. Living outside means that all people including children, young, elderly, women, men and disabled are able to undertake various activities outside their home such as meeting with their neighbors, playing with friends and most importantly connecting with nature.  Are our cities giving us the opportunity to be outside? Is it even safe for a three year old in a tri-cycle go anywhere? Do cities even provide basic facilities such as baby changing facilities for infants and toddlers that can encourage parents to travel often with a baby?

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