Redefining Motherhood, Transforming Generations

Wow Mom is social enterprise that advocates for children friendly cities by bringing to attention policies that plaque mothers and children in cities as well as offer personalized, evidence-based information, advice and tips on parenting.

Our Causes


We believe that children are part of human race and deserve dignity. We champion for inclusion of children in Toilet matters through provision of baby changing facilities in public spaces, design of child-friendly pit latrines and hand washing practices among children and caregivers


 We work with industry best nutritionists and lactation experts to educate parents on when to feed, what to feed and how to feed. We offer breastfeeding support from the first latch and complimentary feeding guides from the first meal.  


If a city is great for a 3 year old, it’s great for everyone! Children constitute a third of the current urban population. By 2050, 70% of world children will live in cities. We advocate and design child-friendly cities to ensure that children grow, learn and thrive in cities.


They say, Home is where the heart is. So is HURT! We work with industry best paramedics   to equip caregivers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to care for their children incase of accidents at home.


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