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How to make saline nasal drops at home

Hi. Thank for passing by. If you have followed me for a while now, you should be knowing that I love natural remedies, especially homemade remedies. I have nothing against generic anti-biotics that we buy over the counter or in hospitals but I just like to make use of my A in chemistry to try out remedies at home.  As a first time mom, I was blank about so many things. If there is something that we have all gone through is stuffy noses nights! Yes! Those days when you tiny little munchy can hardly breath through her nose and she make that twengish cry….and you want to join them coz they are so helpless.

Before my mom told me about the onion in sock remedy for flu and fever,(read it in the link if you haven’t), Nasal drops were a must have in my house. As a good student, I read instruction. First of all, that tiny bottle of nasal drop cost me Ksh 900. And the instructions clearly stated that I should not use for more than 30 days after opening. That meant, I would throw it away after use within a month. And the economist in me couldn’t incur this cost. So I thought, what was the chemical composition of nasal drops anyway? Can I make it at home? And the answer was yes! It’s insanely easy! You won’t believe it! Here is what you need to make saline drops at home.

Ingredients / requirements

  • One cup (250ml) of distilled or tap water.
  • Salt ½ teaspoon salt (preferable non-iodinised)
  • 1/8 Baking soda (powder)
  • Squeeze bottle


  1. Fill a small sauce pan with either tap or distilled water and bring it to a boil. Boil the water for 10 minutes to eliminate any bacterial impurities.
  2. Add salt and baking soda to Luke warm boiled water. Please do not over-use salt as too much of it can irritate the baby
  3. Stir the salt and the baking soda into the water. Continue stirring until they completely dissolve. Store the solution in clean
  4. Fill a clean, squeeze bottle with a small amount of warm saline solution. According to, the water should be about the same as body temperature. If the water is too warm, it can cause more irritation. The saline solution can be used within 24 hours of preparation. It can go for three days but I prefer making clean solution every day and only when needed.
  5. Add one to two drops of saline solution to each of your infant’s nostrils.

How does it work?

Salty/saline water help keep the nasal passages open by restoring moisture to dry nasal passage. It also thin out thick mucus making it easy to flow hence opening the stuffy nose. Salt is also a strong anti-bacterial agent hence prevent spread of infection to other sinuses.

You can use the saline solution for yourself if fight allergies such as pollen grain etc.

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