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Is liver safe for babies?


Let’s do liver today!

When I was pregnant. My doctor advised me to reduce the liver intake. I didn’t quite understand why she suggested that at that time. Her explanation though was that it can be harmful to my unborn child if consumed in excess. So after weaning I thought to myself, is it safe for babies to eat liver? The answer is yes and No. Read on to understand.

First of all, Liver is highly nutritious. It’s a rich source of vitamin A,that contributes to good vision and a healthy immune system. There are two types of Vitamin A;

  • Provitamin A carotenoids –This is mainly found in plant foods eg carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow and orange fruits.  
  • Preformed vitamin A – This is mainly found in foods from animal sources, including fish, dairy and meat, Liver.

This is what I want you to note. Too much of Provitamin A (from plants) is not harmful. However, too much of Preformed Vitamin A is harmful. For pregnant women, it can lead to congenital birth defect. So for pregnant moms, eat liver sparingly. How does the liver harm the babies? Remember liver is from animal source (preformed Vitamin A). If consumed in excess, it can increase the risk of bone fracture. Excess of Vitamin A prevents the performance of Vitamin D which is responsible for strong bones and teeth resulting into reduced bone minerals density. Meaning, the bones will be weak and hence fracture slowing the baby’s development.

This is no to scare you though! Liver is healthy. It’s important to include it in the diet but in little amount. I give liver utmost twice a month. And my baby loves it! I hope your baby will love it too! So here is the recipe of today’s menu!


  • 50g of liver
  • Two leaves of spinach
  • Two green banana
  • Onions
  • One tomato
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 1 tsp Cooking oil


Peel the green bananas and rinse well. Boil the green bananas for 10 minutes till tender. Place onion and cooking oil in a sauce pan. Fry the onions till golden brown. Add sliced tomatoes (without skin) into the onions and pinch of salt. Stir and let it cook for 2 minutes. Add chopped liver, stir and let it cook for 15 minutes. Add chopped spinach and stir. Let it cook for two minutes. Add the boiled banana and stir. If necessary, add a little water and simmer for 5 minutes. Blend into a smooth consistency and serve.


This just one recipe for liver. I will be sharing more every Wednesday! Be sure to like and follow my page on all social media platform especially facebook. Don’t leave without liking and sharing with other moms. See you soon!

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