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Business ideas for stay at home moms


There so many reasons as to why one can chose to be a stay at home mom. Could be bad experience with House girl, lack of family work balance, personal choice…the list is endless. This doesn’t mean that you cannot make an extra penny while you are still at home.You can make better use of your time while you still take care of your baby. A lot of moms ask this question. What can I do? Here are some few ideas.

  1. Artist- If you are talented in arts, be it singing, drawing. You can do it at the comfort of your home. Be it making jewelry using beads, painting and later selling them online or open a shop. Compose songs. You just need a few days to go on studio to record.
  2. Blogger– Take advantage of internet sensation and open a blog to share your experiences with the world. It could be on motherhood, fitness, cooking or just anything. In as much as there is too much of everything online, there is enough room for everyone.
  3. Baking-All you need is an oven. If you love baking and have no skills,you can go for training, doesn’t take long and sooner than later you will be a cake expert and we will be over your neck making orders for our occasions.
  4. Craft- Our moms would make sweaters for us. Why not learn some skill from your mom and start a crocheting business? You can train yourself for free online and make great designs. You can also do basketry. Now that NEMA has banned plastic bags, Kiondo is not just necessary but trendy. Did I forget making of Khaki bags! Give it a trial.
  5. Freelance writer- The need for writers has grown exponentially over the last few years. From website article writing to technical writing, your options are endless. You can buy an account and start doing online research.
  6. Online store owner- Start selling items online. Be it dresses, toys, bedding utensils, name it. All you need is a reliable delivery guy to deliver goods to your customers.
  7. Web designer- If you are tech guru why not make websites at the comfort of your home.
  8. Taxi driver-If you have a car and a drivers license, all you need to do is register with taxi operating firm such as Uber, taxify, little cabs etc. You can switch on when free. Few trips in a day to make an extra dime
  9. Consultant- You have been in your career for a long time. Why not make use of your skills and expertise to run a consultancy. Be it marketing, event planning, architecture, building name it. Just start with one client and the rest will follow.
  10. Day care- If you are home to take care of your baby, why not take care of more. All you need is to register and have ample space even if it’s in your house . You may need some help with this.

Did you find this helpful? Share with a mom and like our facebook page. Remember its never easy. Just start with the resources you have. Who knows. You could create a fortune from your own home.



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