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Malnutrition is a great public health problem in Kenya. It is the single greatest contributor to child mortality at 53%.  Nearly 30% of Kenya’s children are under nourished with 26% stunted. About 1 in 10 children are obese/overweight. The affected children will never reach their full physical and mental potential. Although malnutrition indicators are improving, it is estimated that from 2010–2030 undernutrition will cost Kenya approximately US$38.3 billion in GDP due to losses in workforce productivity.

About The Program

Malnutrition is mainly caused by either an under or oversupply of food. Under supply of nutrients leads to micronutrient deficiencies such as iron, vitamin A, Zinc, Folic acid, Vitamin D, and iodine. Obesity on the other hand is caused by increased consumption of highly refined foods, added sugar, salts, and fats as well as reduced physical activity and sedimentary lifestyle. The results are early and premature deaths, increased healthcare costs at the household /national level, and a vicious cycle of poverty.

Malnutrition is avoidable and preventable. By employing good feeding practices such as: Exclusive breastfeeding complementary feeding during a child’s first two years of life the situation can be reversed. Unfortunately, most moms are often at cross roads when weaning kicks off. They are bombarded with information and it becomes overwhelming not knowing when, how and what to feed their infants and toddlers. Parents deserve practical and trustworthy information on weaning.

How We Work!

We work with the industry’s best nutritionists and lactation experts to educate parents on when to feed, what to feed, and how to feed. We offer breastfeeding support from the first latch and complementary feeding guides from the first meal.  

Guide To Weaning

What to feed, When to feed and How to feed

Weaning comes with a lot of excitement, fears and joys. Every mom is always looking forward to introducing solid foods to their baby. The main concern is always whether the baby will love the food you prepare, is she going to be allergic? How will I ensure that she take a balanced diet…and the list is endless! WELL, WOW MOM GOT YA! READ ON.

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