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Welcome to Wow Mom… 

Wanjiru Ndegwa is a young wife, young mother and a young career woman.  Being a working mom, she fully understand women’s temptation to choose between their careers and family. She believes that motherhood is not the death sentence to a career/ business but rather a rebirth of the same. It’s her deep desire to empower other women to pursue their careers even after having kids and to bring to attention the antiquated policies that plaque mothers in Kenya and beyond. This blog aims to advocate for children-friendly cities as well as offer personalized experiences and guides to help you know exactly where you are in the journey because I’ve been there too and you are not alone. Awful morning sickness ….? BEEN THERE. Ready for work and house girl decides to leave…..DEEP BREATH PLEASE…. Colicky and fussy nights and still have to go to work the following day and work like you slept for 8 hours …I KNOW….PASS SOME COFFEE PLEASE… Managing a demanding job and a growing family and an awesome workout routine? AM WORKING ON IT……..HONESTLY. They say motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. And I said, why not. Welcome to WowMom. Let’s journey together, share experiences and make motherhood easier and more fun.


Thank you