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Donate To Support Our Cause

The early years of a child, from ages 0 – 5, lays the foundation for the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development for the rest of a person’s life. This development rests on a child’s well-being, which is contingent on both the quality of care from their caregivers and the quality of the environment. This period is so critical that every $1 USD of investment during this time results in a return of investment of a range of $4 USD to $13 USD, and in some cases much more. More importantly, every child has a right to well-being and should be given the opportunity to grow, develop, and thrive in any environment.

We can’t do this alone. We need your support.
Your donation will directly make go into providing daycare services in markets to ensure that infants and toddler receive quality child care for proper growth and development to enable their caregivers especially women to engage in more paid labour in markets increasing their income and well-being.

Baby Changing Station

The UN General Assembly Resolution 70/169 (2015), recognizes that the human right to sanitation entitles everyone, without discrimination, to have physical and affordable access to sanitation, in all spheres of life, that is safe, hygienic, secure, socially and culturally acceptable and that provides privacy and ensures dignity. While numerous effort have been made in ensuring provision of sanitation facilities in schools, prisons, refugee camps, slum settlements, urban and rural areas, little has been done to ensure that infants and toddlers enjoy their right to sanitation especially in public spaces. When the need to change a diaper arises, caregivers are stranded looking for a clean, dignifying space to change their babies and in most cases, that space is not available. As a result, babies are changed in crowded and unsanitary places exposing them to disease causing germs while their cargeivers are shamed and ridiculed for the “disgusting act” in public spaces.

We are changing the status quo! We are working towards ensuring that, all children access baby changing facilities that not only meet their needs, but also those of their caregivers. Join us in this initiative by donating to a baby changing station to a public space of choice

Training Program

You can support Wow Mom through Monthly donations, Becoming a partner and Sponsor a mom to get Trainings.

Any amount helps – We value your Generosity!

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