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How to manage diaper rashes naturally using salt

If you are a mom, then diaper rashes are not news to you. It’s one of the most common issues you will have to deal with for the next 2-3 years until you fully transition to potty and panties. The first time my daughter had diaper rashes, I tried everything possible to have her recover as soon as she could. I changed the diaper brand I was using. I avoided using wipes thinking that they triggered the rashes, I tried sudo cream, lanolin cream, coconut oils, powder which have actually never disappointed. So I was cool with that until recently.

So, my daughter had the worst rashes ever. They appeared like moist pimples ready to burst anytime. She was so itchy and irritated. I sought my usual mechanism of the cream…it didn’t work, tried powder…no change…tried coconut…it even accelerated. After a 5 days of my struggle, I decided to take her to the hospital. The pediatrician said that she had fungal infections. First of all, I blaming myself for not replacing a mackintosh as soon as it got torn as is should have. Secondly, I suspected my nanny for handling my baby with dirty hands. So, the doctor prescribed some three different creams and some anti-fungal powder. I kinda thought that was too much for my daughter’s genitals…but I was desperate to see her get to normal. I went down to pick my medication at the pharmacy and I got an awesome human being!

Confirming my fears, the pharmacist was like, “why all these medication? They all work the same.” In such moments I like to humble myself and ask the right questions to get most of the information as possible. “You are the expert…I will follow your instruction. What’s wrong with the medication?” I asked. “Well, you actually don’t need all these medication but I will give you anyway.” I was like, “sure, I can carry the medicine….coz I need you to get paid and retain your job…..but I need to hear your solution to this devastating fungal infection without necessarily using these creams.”

He said, “Maam, just go soak your baby is warm salty water 4-5 times a day! Keep the baby diaper free, and if possible, expose the baby to some sunlight. You can use some powder to keep the area even drier.  The baby’s skin is alive. Her melain is so powerful and it will regenerate in days.” This went on for 30 minutes and I could have gone longer but had to leave the counter to allow more patients get their medication. But guess what, I took the medicine and never used it.

If you have followed me for a while now, you know am pro-natural remedies especially for babies. So, in two days, my baby was cured! This is how I went about it.


  1. 5 table spoon of salt
  2. 2 litters of warm water.
  3. Stir well to ensure that all the salt has dissolved.
  4. Soak your baby for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Wipe her dry apply petroleum jelly or powder
  6. Dress her in cotton panty or trouser

How does the salt work?

  1. Salt is a disinfectant. It kills all the bacteria, fungi, germs causing rashes. They can’t survive in salty condition.
  2. Drying- Remember rashes are caused by too moist an area. Salt helps in absorption of excess water making the skin drier.

Two more tips

  1. Keep the baby diaper free for a while especially during the day
  2. Expose her rashes to sunlight.

There you have it moms. Thank me letter and please let me know if this worked for you as well. Just before you leave, Wow Mom is undertaking a research on experiences that moms have when it comes to changing their baby’s diapers in public. We intend to use the data to bring change that will see provision of baby changing stations in all public spaces including public toilets, restaurants, malls, government buildings. It’s time we said enough is enough and demanded better facilities for our babies. It’s time we refuse to change our babies in crowded and unsanitary conditions. Please find the form here. It’s very fast and take only 5 minutes.  Thanks for your time. Like and follow our page for more such tips.

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