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Agreement of Opinion Meaning in Hindi: सहमति का अर्थ

When you are discussing a topic with someone, there might be situations where you both have the same opinion on it. In such a case, you can express this agreement of opinion by using a specific phrase in Hindi – सहमत होना (Sahmat hona).

The literal translation of सहमत होना is “to agree”. However, it carries a slightly different meaning when used in the context of expressing agreement of opinion. It means to have the same viewpoint or a similar understanding of a situation.

For example, if you are discussing a political issue and someone says “मुझे लगता है कि यह समस्या एक कुप्रबंध है” (Mujhe lagta hai ki yah samasya ek kuprabandh hai) which means “I think this issue is a mismanagement,” and you agree with them, you can respond by saying “हाँ, मैं भी उसी बात से सहमत हूँ” (Haan, main bhi usi baat se sahmat hoon) meaning “Yes, I agree with that point as well.”

Another phrase commonly used to express agreement of opinion in Hindi is समझ में आना (Samajh mein aana), which means “to understand.” It is used to indicate that you found someone`s opinion or explanation to be logical and clear.

For instance, if you are discussing an academic topic with a friend and they explain a complex concept to you, you can respond by saying “हाँ, यह ठीक समझ में आ गया” (Haan, yah theek samajh mein aa gaya), which means “Yes, I understand it now.”

In conclusion, agreement of opinion in Hindi is expressed using the phrase सहमत होना (Sahmat hona) or समझ में आना (Samajh mein aana), depending on the context. These phrases are commonly used in daily conversations and hold significance in building better communication with others.